Fulfilling Your Dreams, The Josh Moore Fulfilling Your Dreams Memorial Fund


Josh MooreThe Josh Moore Fulfilling Your Dreams Foundation was established to reward young men and women who consistently display unselfish acts and have made choices that are examples of Christian morals and values. In a world of so much corruption and temptation, it is easy to only put effort into activities that have immediate rewards or result in personal gains.  This organization hopes to recognize those young people who do things because they see situations that need addressed or act upon them just because it is the right thing to do. For this reason, non-mandated community Josh Mooreservice or volunteerism is the main requirement. 

Josh Moore was a young adult who always put aside his personal plans to help others. He never walked past someone in need of help; and when he was offered a payment, his response was always, “ You owe me nothing.” In order to keep alive his spirit of giving, the hopes of those who manage this foundation are to provide funds for activities that benefit wildlife, the environment, the safety of young people in the community, or to personally Josh and his sister at "Rock the House" Benefitassist a young person between the ages of 14 to 21 with an individual goal who has previously shown that he or she has made personal sacrifices to help others.

Josh was very active in providing any support that he could to local organizations and efforts. In 2004 he built the stage for, and helped with many aspects of, Rock the House, a benefit show Josh Mooreorganized by members of the local band “PIVOT”. The stage was used each year RTH took place, and all proceeds of the concert were donated to IMAC (Intergrative Medicine Advisory Committee) which is an alternative medicine group. This stage is still being used for benefit shows in which Pivot participates such as the post party of the Annual For the Fallen Run where the proceeds are donated to numerous charities in the area.


The Josh Moore  Fulfilling Your Dreams Memorial Fund

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