Fulfilling Your Dreams, The Josh Moore Fulfilling Your Dreams Memorial Fund

Criteria for Awards

These criteria are intended only as a guide. Waiving or changing these criteria can be done by a majority vote of the board.

  1. Preference is given for awards requested for service projects or experiences such as a mission trip.

  2. Service hours should be at least a minimum of 70 hours in a one year period, 130 per 2 year period, 200 per 3 year period, 270 per 4 year period.

  3. Any award given for school expenses is awarded to the person and the school attended.

  4. A maximum of 2 awards can be given to one person. Only one educational award will be given to any one person.

  5. If a second award is requested, new service hours are required beginning with the date of the last award.

  6. All required contracts related to the award and a picture of the award winner must be received before the award check is issued.

  7. The executive board may make a decision by majority vote to make an award to a non-profit or not for profit agency that benefits youth, wildlife or land conservation.

  8. A maximum of $500 will be given for scholarship/school related expenses.

  9. All school related applications will be considered at a Spring meeting of the executive board.


The Josh Moore  Fulfilling Your Dreams Memorial Fund

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